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Building at Watagan Park

Building a home is a very personal, exciting and rewarding experience. Along the way you may have uncertainties and questions – at Watagan Park we live for a peaceful and worry-free lifestyle, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way.


At Watagan Park all of our blocks are fully-serviced. This means that all services, including natural gas, water, recycled water, sewer, electricity and the NBN are all located close to the perimeter of each block. This reduces your site costs and makes building your dream home that little bit easier.


When building at Watagan Park you can choose whichever builder is right for you and your family, as there are no builder restrictions. The trend for most residents to date has been project or contract builders due to the simplicity and affordability that they provide. To assist with this we are building a display village at Watagan Park to make choosing your new dream home even easier. A number of residents with building skills have chosen the owner/builder path and it has been exciting seeing new designs pop-up and the use of technology to provide high green star ratings.


One of the many advantages of building your dream home is that you are there from the beginning. You can modify designs to suit your family’s needs, whether that’s an extra room, larger dining areas, outdoor spaces, an extra storey or swimming pool. At Watagan Park we have implemented design guidelines, in accordance with Lake Macquarie’s Development Control Plan (DCP). There are a number of standard requirements within the DCP that your builder will assist you with when you submit your Development Application (DA) for your home to council.


We understand that building your new dream home isn’t something that you do every day and everyone has different circumstances. That’s why we have no restrictions when it comes to the timeframe in which you need to start building your home at Watagan Park. You can start building the day of settlement or you can wait as long as needed.


Deciding what style of home to build on your block of land and determining what the final price will be can be a little daunting. To make things easier we have created a number of House & Land packages from a wide selection of builders. These will change depending on the land release and we are always here to answer any questions you might have in order to help you achieve the perfect outcome for you and your family.

Hints and Tips




  • The value of the completed property will almost always be higher than what it cost you, so you can take advantage of immediate capital gain from day one of moving in
  • In an estate you are surrounded by other new homes
  • Infrastructure like roads, parks, gas, water, electricity, NBN around land developments are all new
  • You’re there from the beginning so you can design the perfect home that fits your family’s needs
  • You only pay stamp duty on the land price component and not the price of building your home
  • Currently there are more government grants that are available for both first home buyers and non first home buyers


  • The time between purchasing your block of land and the time you move into you new home will be approximately 12 months
  • You need to consider where you’re going to live while you’re building your new home. This usually means renting while you are also paying contributions to your land loan or moving in with family (to save money)
  • New estates are traditionally located a little bit further out of metro areas
  • The buying land / building process can seem a little daunting and confusing at times


  • You can move into your home within a relatively quick period (2-3 months)
  • It is something that many people have done before so it is easy to ask for advice from family and friends
  • An older home could have period charm and character
  • You only need to move once


  • You always need to fix/renovate something with an existing home
  • The plumbing and electricals are dated and if they need replacing it can be an expensive exercise
  • The design and floor plan is fixed
  • No seven year home owner warranty
  • You need to pay stamp duty on the final price of your home
  • You could be buying into unknown faults and to rectify could be expensive
  • Any renovations you need to do are from your own cash


Everyone wants to come home to a beautifully designed front yard. To help you on the path to your dream home, we are offering complimentary front yard landscaping on any new purchase.

You’ll have the choice of 3 complimentary front yard landscaping packages provided by Watagan Park Landscpaing. All packages include turf, plants, garden soil, mulch and letterbox.

For full list of inclusions, process and terms and conditions download the Landscaping Package Brochure at the link below.

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